Plastic Cable Carrier

Aluminum Bar Type

  • As we use different colors each radius, customers can distinguish them easily.
  • We can make users select one between plastic and aluminum covers according to users’ taste.
  • You can set the proper width that customers want using the aluminum cover type.
  • As the plastic cover has various widths, we can set various specs.
  • K type plastic cable carrier is easy to use the type for short or mid distance but if customers ask us, we can make the type for long distance.
  • K type plastic cable carrier has the durability to use in the rapid speed.
  • We reinforced the breakaway of covers 3 times( according to the function of pneumatic and oil pressure hoses.
  • As it is a cover method with a ring type, it is easy to separate or attach.
  • As there is no gap between rings and it is soft, there is no damage of cables.
  • As we use engineering plastic, CDS type plastic cable carrier is light and the operation is soft.
  • As we use an aluminum bar for the cover, the cableveyor is strong.
  • As we use triple connection method, it prevents the breakaway of the rings even though we twist it to right and left directions.
  • We can set the width in the cable carrier.
  • This cable carrier is applied to industrial machines, welding machines, automation machines and so on.

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